Pierre Mandrillon / Président de AIMA Development

Present Activity

Pierre Mandrillon is Senior Accelerator Physicist and CEO of the AIMA DEVELOPPEMENT Company since 2005 and has served as founding Director of the Cyclotron Laboratory of the Centre Antoine Lacassagne in Nice for 26 years.

Pierre Mandrillon was Scientific Associate at CERN since 1972. In January 1994 he joined part-time the Carlo Rubbia group at CERN to design high power cyclotrons to drive subcritical nuclear systems.

Brief Biography

After completing High School, Pierre Mandrillon graduated from Ecole Centrale de Nantes and from the Institut National des sciences et Techniques Nucléaires at Grenoble.
He was awarded a fellowship at CERN in the 600 MeV SynchroCyclotron New Projects group where he completed his University education with a thesis on new high yield slow extraction process of the SynchroCyclotron Improvement Programme. Soon after his degree, Pierre Mandrillon went to GANIL (Grand Accelerateur National d’Ions lourds, French National Research Council, CNRS) to design the injector cyclotron.
In the 70’s he proposed to design and build a new cyclotron dedicated to medical applications, the MEDICYC project for the Nice Cancer Centre (Centre Antoine Lacassagne). In June 1991, the MEDICYC Cyclotron treated the first patient in protontherapy in France.
From 1989 to 1992, he was the Project Leader of the European Light Ion Medical Accelerator Design study group ( a 400 MeV/nucleon, Compact Carbon accelerator) funded by the Commission of the European Communities.
From 1992 to 1994, he served as a member of the National Cancer Institute (NCI, USA) to define the Performance Specifications for the North East Protontherapy Project (MGH, Boston).
In 1995, he was in charge of the design of a superconducting isochronous cyclotron for SIEMENS for high energy protontherapy.`
In 1999, Pierre Mandrillon founded the AIMA Company aiming at designing new accelerators for medical and industrial applications.
In the beginning of the 2000’s AIMA designed several compact cyclotrons for isotopes production.
In 2007 the AIMA Company started the design of an innovative compact superconducting synchrocyclotron (the S2C2TM) for high energy protontherapy (230 MeV).
In 2009 the IBA Company decides to build the prototype of this new cyclotron. The prototype of the Ion source was designed and build by AIMA and the detailed design of the S2C2TM was carried out in close collaboration with IBA. This prototype is installed in Nice where the first patient has been treated in September 2016.
In October 2017, Pierre Mandrillon was asked by the Holland Protontherapy Center (HPTC) in Delft to review the installation process of the VARIAN superconducting cyclotron.